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A downloadable Marine outboard repair manual is a book of instructions consisting of product specifications, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting guide, and step-by-step directions to fix, service and tune your outboard motor back to working order. The handbook is often used by do-it-yourself mechanics and dealership technicians to overhaul, restore or perform maintenance based on the boat motor’s manufacture specifications.

We aim to make as many Mariner outboard repair manuals available for download straight to your computer, tablet or smart phone as we can. However due to the backlog waiting to be archived many manuals are available in ad-hoc content downloads only or available to purchase as the printed manual. Read more about the download options.

What types of Mariner repair manual do we have?

We have a large collection of repair, operator and workshop manuals for Mariner outboards, many of them several decades old.

download mariner outboard repair manuals pdf
A selection of Mariner outboard repairs manuals availble in the library

What type of content is in a download Mariner repair manual?

Table of contents

Every Mariner outboard repair manual begins with a table of contents, which is a list of titles or chapters of the book. And organized in the order of importance. In many cases the digitally delivered book contains clickable chapters and subchapters, allowing the you to navigate to parts of the book with the click of the mouse. 

We make the Table of Contents available as a free instant download for every manual in the library. Choose the 'Download Table of Contents' option in Format.

Product specifications

Every download repair manual contains a section which list the motor’s complete specifications; e.g. powerhead specs, lower unit specs, fuel/oil mix ration, spark plug gaps, mid-unit specs and electrical specifications etc. It also contains torque specifications and other data.

Maintenance information

A wealth of information can be found in the maintenance section. Maintenance is important for keeping the boat engine in good condition. Performing routine maintenance also helps to extend the life of the motor. Maintenance schedules are included in every manual, detailing when and how each part should be maintained. Because outboard maintenance is so incredibly important, every boat owner should own a download repair manual for this reason.


Troubleshooting is a systematic process of tracing and solving faults in the Mariner outboard’s mechanical or electronic system. And at some point, every outboard will experience some type of fault. Sometimes the malfunction will be obvious, but at other times it can be difficult to understand what is wrong with the outboard motor. Having a troubleshooting guide handy is a simple way to easily trace and fix the motor’s problem. It’s important to print out the troubleshooting guide and keep a copy on the boat at all times.

Step-by-step servicing procedures

Don’t know how to fix your boat motor? No problem, download a repair manual now! A download repair manual is the same manual dealership mechanics use to fix the motor. It covers complete part inspection, removal, disassembly, cleaning, assembly and installation procedures. It also covers detailed testing procedures when applicable. Pictures, diagrams and illustrations are included when necessary to aid the mechanic through the repair process.

Wiring Diagrams

Sometimes when fixing the motor the mechanic will remove hoses and wires from their position, then completely forget where they go. Reinstalling a wire or hose in the wrong spot can cause the motor to run terribly. This is another reason to always have a Mariner repair manual handy. Moreover, wiring diagrams are absolutely critical when performing electrical repairs, testing or when a wire color code chart is needed.

Why are pdf downloads best for Mariner Manuals?

[pdf-embedder url="" title="Clymer Mariner Outboard Shop Manual 2_5HP to 275HP 1990 to 1993 ToC" toolbar="both" width="400" scrollbar="both" pagetextbox="on" toolbarfixed="on" pagetextbox="on" scrolltotop="on"]

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    • Hi Waterboy32. Sorry for the huge delay but I’ve only just seen your comment. I think the web guy might be a bit slow on approving them!

      Not sure I have anything to cover the Mariner 50HP from mid 90s but if you are still looking drop me an email and I’ll have a dig around the shop.


  1. I have a 40hp oil injected Mariner outboard motor. It is a 2 cylinder 2 stroke motor with the following
    information on the motor tag. 40EO s/n 105855 code 6E9 S. I would like to buy a service manual for this motor but I am having a hard time finding one. Hope you can help and thank you Lucien.

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