Mariner 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP Service Manual 1989


Mariner 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP Service Manual 1989

Good condition for age.

Note workshop based (e.g. ring binder) format.

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Mariner 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP Service Manual 1989

Printed in 1989 this ringer binder service manual covers multiple 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder models of that period spanning serial numbers:

Models 45 | 50 | 60 (3 cylinder):

US – 4576237 and up
Canada 7088598 and up
Australia 8042650 and up
Belgium 9136250 and up

Models 70 with serial numbers:

7 chapters and over 150 pagess covering:

  • Specifications
  • Periodic Checkup
  • Motor Installation and rigging
  • Propeller Recommendations
  • Fuel and Fuel System
  • Operation including starting procedure
  • Adjustments and Maintenance
  • Spares and Special care

Part No. m-90-86135-5

General Specifications
Model (In-Lines)45 & 50 HP (4 Cyl)50 HP (3 Cyl) 60 & 70 HP
Full Throttle RPM Range5000-5500 RPM5300-5800 RPM
Idle RPM Range in Forward Gear600-700 RPM
Engine Type4-Cylinder In-Line
3-Cylinder In-Line
Cu. In. Displacement44 (721 cc)49.8 (816cc)
Cylinder BoreStandard—-2.565″ (65.151mm)2.875″ (73.025mm)
.015″ Oversized—-2.580″ (65.532mm)2.890″ (73.422mm)
.030″ Oversized—-2.905″ (73.787mm)
Stroke2-1/8″ (53.98mm)2-9/16″ (65.09mm)
Firing Order1-3-2-41-2-3 1-3-2 •
Ignition TypeThunderbolt Breakerless
Spark PlugsAC-V4OFFK or •
Champion L78V
AC-V4OFFM or A Champion L76V
Engine Weight (Fuel Tank Not Included)50E 176 lbs. (80kg) 50M 168 lbs. (76kg)190 lbs. (86kg)
Fuel Tank Supplied; Includes Capacity for Oil)6 Gallons (22.7 Liters)
Reed Stop Opening5/32″ (3.969mm).180″ (4.572mm)
Piston Diameter-StandardAbove Rings—-2.551″ (64.800mm)2.863″ (72.720mm)
Skirt—-2.558″ (64.973mm)2.872″ (72.949mm)
Piston Diameter .015″ OversizedAbove Rings2.566″ (65.176mm)2.878″ (73.101mm)
Skirt2.573″ (65.354mm)2.887″ (73.330mm)
Piston Diameter .030″ OversizedAbove Rings—-2.893″ (73.482mm)
Skirt—-2.902″ (73.711mm)
Piston Ring DiameterStandard2.562″ (65.075mm)2.874″ (73.000mm)
.015″ Oversized2.577″ (65.459mm)2.889″ (73.381mm)
.030″ Oversized2.904″ (73.761mm)
Carburetor Jet SizesSee Char . Following
Fuel Pump Discharge Pressure
NOTE: Fuel Pressure specification listed under “45 & 50 HP (4 Cyl)” are for non-carburetor mounted square fuel pumps.
2.0 to 3.25 psi (13.8 to 22.1 kPa) at idle 5.5 to 6.5 psi (379 to 44.8 kPa) at WOT22 psi (13.8 kPa) at Idle 4 to 4-1/2 psi (27.6 to 31 kPa) at WOT1
3-5 PSI (20.7 1034.5 kPa at idle
6,8 Dt.J.1 01.4 to 56.2 :tea; at WCTz
Fuel Tank Weight’10 lbs. (4.54kg) Empty; 50 lbs. (22.78kg) Full
BatteryMin. Reserve Capacity Rating of 100 Minutes
Starter Motor Amperes Draw A-50-55601 A-50-65436 A-50-72521 A-50-4436940 Amps No Load: 100 Amps Cranking Outboard 40 Amps No Load: 145 Amps Cranking Outboard 40 Amps No Load: 100 Amps Cranking Outboard 40 Amps No Load: 100 Amps Cranking Outboard
Gear HousingForward-Neutral-Reverse
Gear Ratio02:011.64:1 1.83:1■
Forward Gear – No. of Teeth2623
Pinion Gear – No. of Teeth1314
Gear Housing Lubricant Capacity12.5 Fl. Oz. (370m1)
Engines with the Following Serial Nos.
and Above
and Above
and Above
and Above

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