Clymer Mercury Outboard Shop Manual 3-275 HP (1990-1993)


Clymer Mercury Outboard Shop Manual 3-275 HP (1990-1993)

Good condition original Clymer Shop Manual for Mercury outboards.

Over 600 hundred pages of service, maintenance & troubleshooting instructions.

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Clymer Mercury Outboard Shop Manual 3-275 HP (1990-1993)

General Information

This detailed, comprehensive manual contains complete information covering maintenance, repair and overhaul. Hundreds of photos and drawing guide you throughout every procedure.

Troubleshooting, tune-up, maintenance and repair are not difficult if you know what tools and equipment to sue and what to do. Anyone not afraid to get their hands dirty, of average ability can perform most of the procedures in this manual. See Chapter Two for more information on tools and techniques.

A shop manual is a reference. You want to be able to find information quickly. Clymer books are designed with you in mind. All chapters are thumb tabbed and important items are indexed at the end of the manual. All procedures, tables, photos and instructions in this manual assume the reader may be working on the machine or using the mnaul for the first time.

Keep the manual in a handy place in your toolbox or boat. It will help you to better understand how your boat runs, lower repair and maintenance costs and generally increase your enjoyment of your boat.

Manual Organisation

Chapter One provides general information useful to boat owners and marine mechanics.

Chapter Two discusses the tools and techniques for preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

The Third Chapter provides troubleshooting and testing procedures for all systems and individual components.

The chapters thereafter describe specific systems, providing disassembly, inspection, assembly and adjustment procedures in simple step-by-step form.  Specifications concerning a specific system are included at the dnd of the appropriate chapter.

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